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Crosscurrent (Chang Jiang Tu)

Crosscurrent (Chang Jiang Tu)
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Released: November 4, 2016
Director: Yang Chao
Producer: Wang Yu
Studio: Just Show Production Beijing
Cast: Hao Qin, Kai Tan, Xin Zhilei
Genre: Drama
Length: 116 minutes

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Crosscurrent (Chang Jiang Tu) Overview

While steering his cargo ship up the Yangtze, Gao Chun (Hao Qin) comes across a woman named An Lu. While she is both enchanting and beautiful, An Lu appears to be magically changing identity at every port Gao encounters. And as Gao journeys farther upstream, he also notes that this mysterious beauty is somehow getting younger. He soon begins to question whether An Lu is real or a fantasy, and whether or not he's travelling through time.

Mandarin w/ Chinese & English subtitles.


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