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National Theatre Live: Saint Joan

National Theatre Live: Saint Joan
Score: 9.5 / 10
Released: February 16, 2017
Director: Josie Rourke
Studio: Cineplex Events
Cast: Gemma Arterton
Genre: Drama
Length: 240 minutes

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National Theatre Live: Saint Joan Overview

A teenager named Joan (Gemma Arterton) from the French countryside decides to spring to action when England invades France. After having visions of Archangel Michael, Saint Margaret and Saint Catherine of Alexandria, who instruct her to support Charles VII during the Hundred Years' War, she goes to him to offer her support.

When the siege of Orléans is lifted just days after Joan's arrival, she gains prominence. Several additional swift victories follow, which leads to Charles VII's coronation. A screen adaptation of Bernard Shaw's classic play, this drama is based on the life and trial of Joan of Arc.

In select theaters February 16, 2017 (Live) and March 12, 2017 (Encore).


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